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    Intel XTU Lacks Clock Adjustments for GPU (6th Gen Intel Core i-Series CPUs)


      Hi again, I decided to try to use the Intel XTU to lower my GPU maximum clocks to avoid the dreaded TDP Power Limit that throttles my CPU under sustained GPU load.


      Although my Elitebook, with a 4th Gen. Intel Core i5-4300u has GPU adjustment options my Pavilion with a 6th Gen i5-6200u completely lacks it (GPU Multiplier).


      I understand ULV CPUs DO NOT have over-clocking capabilities, but it would be really helpful to be able to restrict clocks lower than the specified maximum for both GPU AND CPU.


      This would help users adjust their CPU and GPU performance needs without sacrificing battery life or running into aggressive Power Limit Throttling. (I know you can increase the Turbo Boost TDP but there is still significant throttling after 30 sec of GPU load.


      Please add adjustable multipliers for both CPU and GPU (NOT OVERCLOCKING!!!), and limiting minimum values where appropriate.