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    6700k high voltage on stock clocks?


      hey guys


      i built my first skylake system about a month ago now and i thought id have a look at the bios settings to see if everything is good and i noticed that on auto my standard CPU voltage is at 1.344 so i did a aida 64 stress test and noticed that the vid goes up to 1.426v!  ive done some research on this and the stock voltage should be around 1.216-1.26, was there a few chips that were defective? i also noticed that im not getting the same temps as other people when i research 6700k temps at full load on stock everything i reach a max of 74 on real bench with aio water cooler.  is there a fix for this? ive noticed a lot of other people online have the same high settings but with no way around it


      here are my specs



      AVEXIR CORE 32GB 2400MHZ

      R9 390X

      EVGA 650W PSU