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    RAID 0 to RAID 1


      Hi everyone, sorry if this is a Newbie question but that's exactly what I am.


      There is an old adage: Only one thing is certain about HDDs…

      …they will fail

      …and mine has started to.

      I've got a 2011 Dell XPS 8300, Windows 7 with 2 x 1TB 7200 RPM SATA HDDs in RAID 0. Intel Rapid Storage Technology

      Apologies if the answers are somewhere here, I’ve searched but couldn’t find what I need.

      I was hoping that the error message from Intel Rapid Storage about one of the drives having failed was a one-off as I was able to reset it but it has happened again ("Volume Array 1 : Failed" "Disc on Port 1 : Failed"). So, it looks like I need to change it (them) and I would be thankful for any help.

      Leaving changing from RAID 0 to RAID 1 aside for a minute (I would have liked it to have happened before, even set as default when I bought it at the end of 2011), I looking at replacing both drives with 2TB versions.

      I’ve managed to get my personal files copied off now, I use Acronis True Image for backing up and I'm about to use their recovery CD to copy the contents of the drives (assuming the system stays up long enough) and copy it all back when I’ve swapped the disks.

      If all goes to plan, I could leave it there but is changing from RAID 0 to RAID 1 an option?

      I've been told that, if I only add 1 disc, load the backup to that and run, I can then add the second disc and change to RAID 1.

      Is that true?

      If it is, how? At boot time with Ctrl + i or within Windows using the IAStor console?

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          Are you trying to migrate RAID 0 to RAID 1?

          That is not possible, if that is what you need.

          Supported RAID Migrations for Intel® Rapid Storage Technology


          If RAID BIOS says RAID status Failed, this means structure is no longer available. You would need to re create RAID array.



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            In reverse order -

            It was the console within Windows (7) that gave me the error message. I was working when I noticed it and when I opened IRST it displayed the 2 drives on the right hand side of the window with a red cross on one of the drives saying that it had failed. I selected the drive icon and was able to reset it and continue working. This whole scene played out again 2 days later convincing me I needed to change the drives before the failure was permanent.

            As noted, I have been able to make a copy of the whole PC using Acronis True Image which I can then copy onto the drive(s) when they arrive and I've fitted them.

            Dell support led me to believe that once I had fitted the first drive and confirmed that everything was working as before, I could fit the second drive and, using the IRST at boot time with Ctrl + i, I would be able to create a RAID 1 setup and that IRST would copy the contents of the first drive onto the second and then function as RAID 1.

            How do I reset the current RAID 0 to "RAID Ready" and then how do I "Migrate" to RAID 1?

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              Resetting to RAID 0 or breaking the RAID array, will delete structure and data because this is RAID 0.

              You need to access CTRL +I and select Reset disk to non-RAID, after resetting disks, you need to create RAID 1 from scratch.




              See complete guide of Intel® Rapid Storage: http://download.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/irst_user_guide.pdf



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                Many thanks for your help, I will give it a go.

                Just to check, does IRS save anything on the disks about the RAID? I've seen mentions on other forums though they may have been referring to other software or ways of creating RAID setups.

                I just thought I'd check as there might have been a conflict if I set RAID 1 in the Option ROM, then used Acronis to restore the copy of the PC that was taken while in RAID 0.

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                  Since this is software / hardware RAID controller, everything is controlled by drivers. Couple of ways to create any supported RAID level on Intel controllers would be CTRL + I and using the Intel® Rapid Storage software within Windows®.



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                    Again, many thanks for your help.

                    The replacement discs have arrived, everything crossed...I'm going in...


                    ... I fitted the new discs last night, fired up my PC this morning, pressed Crtl+i at the prompt, IRS recognized the new discs as such and marked them as Non-RAID (saving me a job), I then created the RAID 1 volume.and exited.

                    Using the Acronis True Image disc, I recovered the backup I had created of the whole PC and started Windows...success!

                    Aren't computers wonderful things?


                    Thanks Intel and thanks Allan.

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                      Great to hear your computer is working again.