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    Intel boot agent


      Acer Altos T11o F3 Server plus Intel server Adapter I340 F4

      I have installed a Smoothwall Linux System but I am unable to boot from the harddisk due to PXE trying three times to boot from the internet then only option is to cycle back. The BIOS is version P11 and although previous BIOS versions provided a setting on the first page to turn off PXE, I can't find same on P11.

      I believe BootUtil.exe -ALL -FD will disable all adapters, but I have no experience and have no idea how to run the app in my present circumstances.

      Your advice would be much appreciated.



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          I installed Windows 8.1 and ran:

          C:\>\Winx64\BOOTUTILW64E.EXE -ALL -FD

          Intel(R) Ethernet Flash Firmware Utility
          BootUtil version
          Copyright (C) 2003-2015 Intel Corporation

          Disabling boot ROM on port 1...Success

          Disabling boot ROM on port 2...Success

          Disabling boot ROM on port 3...Success

          Disabling boot ROM on port 4...Success

          Disabling boot ROM on port 5...
          ERROR: Unsupported feature

          Port Network Address Location Series  WOL Flash Firmware                Version
          ==== =============== ======== ======= === ============================= =======
            1   90E2BA8DE948     2:00.0 Gigabit YES FLASH Disabled
            2   90E2BA8DE949     2:00.1 Gigabit N/A FLASH Disabled
            3   90E2BA8DE94A     2:00.2 Gigabit N/A FLASH Disabled
            4   90E2BA8DE94B     2:00.3 Gigabit N/A FLASH Disabled
            5   408D5C60E8F6     5:00.0 Gigabit YES FLASH Not Present

          BIOS version P11
          PCI-E Slot Configuration
          Launch PXE OpROM policy              UEFI only
          IPv4 PXE Support                     Disabled
          IPv6 PXE Support                     Disabled

          Are the above BIOS settings OK?
          How can I turn off "Chasis was opened" message?

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            Hi Kg1,


            The bootrom has been disabled. You can also try bootutil utility to disable the boot.


            1)   You can copy the bootutil.exe into a bootable USB drive, then boot from the USB drive.

            2)   Enter into DOS mode.  Please refer to the extacted list of command here:

            Disables FCoE, iSCSI and PXE functionalities for legacy BIOS.


               You may refer to this website for more information about the bootutil command Upgrade, Enable, or Disable Flash with the Intel® Ethernet Flash...


               With regars to chassis was opened message, please check with Acer the system vendor.