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    Problems Syncing System Studio IoT With UPM 0.6.0


      I am working with System Studio IoT and the Edison Kit for Arduino. In ISS I am attempting to perform two operations that require information related to UPM version 0.6.0 to be downloaded; both of them are failing. I have attached three screen shots which will, hopefully, clearly demonstrate what is happening.

      Here is ISS. I have circled the three areas wherein are displayed the information that is relevant to my issue:

      1. The Offline examples are being used.
      2. The sensor data is out of sync (I do not understand what this means)
      3. The Libraries are Synchronized.
      4. Intel System Studio IoT.png



      Here is the terminal session where from I launched ISS. You can observe:

      1. My launch of ISS.
      2. The errors reported when, within ISS, I attempted to switch from the Offline examples to the Online examples.
      3. The errors reported when, within ISS I attempted to sync the sensor data

      Terminal - ISS Launch.png



      Here is a terminal session where from I connected to my Edison via SSH. You can observe:

      1. The version of the installed mraa package.
      2. The version of the installed upm package.
      3. My failure to determine the version of the Edison firmware.


      Terminal - Edison SSH Session.png


      It appears that the online locations from which ISS is attempting to obtain information about upm version 0.6.0 have not yet been updated. Please advise me - I am nervous about moving ahead and encountering "weirdness" due to things being out of sync.


      Also, any guidance on why I am unable to determine the Edison's firmware version would be appreciated.