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    Intel RST e-mail notification reports verify and repair


      I have the latest version of the RST software installed and the e-mail notification still doesn't have a means of providing a password or AUTH so it can send verify and repair reports?

      The software doesn't keep a log anywhere so the results of the verify and repair operation can be reviewed later. All it provides is a small pop up bubble in the lower right corner with a count of how many errors were found and repaired and if you don't see it before it fades away there is no means of finding out later the results.

      I asked about accessibility of the results in another topic and was told to use the e-mail notification. The problem is it doesn't work.

      As you can see from the screen shot there is no place to enter a password?

      Is there something I'm missing here? The test function fails every time I try it.

      Thanks for your help.


      IRST E-mail.jpg