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    Intel compute stick does not work


      Good Morning,



      I have a Intel Compute Stick STCK1A32WFCR model, bought about 6 months ago to penalties.



      I upgraded to Windows 10 without any problems, although the process was slow.



      However, recently when he arrived at the login screen, the Intel Compute Stick was frozen. As much, on occasion, came to enter the password / pin, but when I go again froze.



      I tried system restore, it could not be.



      I tried to restore the pc (factory) but the process always remained at 49%, with no progress for many hours to leave him on.



      Now I find that the option to recover Windows 8.1 fails. If I try to access the "normal" way the system the screen goes black, no progress or change.



      So just be somehow install the OS from scratch, I do not know if using a pc?



      What solutions there is to it?



      Thank you in advance for your time; and apologize for any inconvenience; and my English.