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    "Blurry" Monitor via HDMI


      Hi everyone

      I'm having an issue with my monitor when using HDMI. Everything is blurry, pixelated or whatever, as shown in the picutre.

      I always had this problem with this monitor (which is actually a TV), but with my old PC (with ATI graphics) I was able to solve it: if I remember well, I changed something about the pixel format or color.

      I am on a laptop, with an i7 5500u and a GeForce 940m. I read that the dedicated GPU is only used for heavy processing, so I can't use the NVIDIA drivers to solve this (or can I?).

      Intel Graphics Control Panel seems pretty basic, and I didn't find a way to change pixels parameters.

      My monitor via HDMI (blurry)IMG_6485.JPG



      Onboard monitor (works well; for comparison)  IMG_6486.JPG



      Does anybody know how can I solve this? My Monitor/TV doesn't have any options for the HDMI input.

      I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes. English is not my first language.


      EDIT: now that I posted it, I see that there isn't much difference between both pictures, but texts, color contrasts, etc. look blurry and pixelated.


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