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    firmware iso 2.1.2 aborts execution with a mtrr error


      I have a problem running the firmware 2.1.2 iso. When app is started it fails with a mtrr error while trying to run startx. I noticed one other individual has also identified a similar problem in this forum. What puzzles me is that iso versions 2.0.x worked flawlessly, but version 2.1.x introduced the mtrr error. The bare-bones system I use for updating firmware/hardware is dedicated to that function and has not changed since I put it to use. There is no HDD installed. Only peripheral is a CD/DVD drive. Looks some something changed in the iso OS between ver. 2.0 and 2.1 that is crashing startx execution on my system. The 2.0.x versions would bring up the graphic update screen whether an SSD was detected or not; the 2.1.x fails while attempting to launch the graphic update screen. I verified the mtrr problem is unique to the v2.1.x isos by running v2.0.13, and I get the expected TOA/Update screens. Any workarounds ??

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