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    How do i fix corrupt BIOS in DH61WW


      Hello people,


      I encountered an issue when I was updating my BIOS. I preferred not to update, but a software (Actually came in as a malware) forced me to. It installed 0099 build of BIOS using the exe method, and the PC did not boot after that. Tried the F7 Update via USB disc, no help. The PC gets stuck at the "Hit Enter for Yes and Escape for No" dialog. Tried the recovery BIOS flash method, but my PC does not display anything for a long time. I also tried removing the CMOS Battery and clearing. Now I believe that my board is bricked. Is there any way to fix it? Will the Intel center be able to fix it?


      P.S. my Intel Management Engine shows version The thing that went wrong was that it flashed 0099 over 0016 which I realised after the flash was over.