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    IRST with new SSD


      I am getting ready to install a new SSD in my Dell XPS SE 8700.


      The current configuration of the OS drive is a 1TB, spinner with a 32 GB MSATA cache drive which is managed with Intel Rapid Store Technology, (IRST) 


      I will be using Paragon "Migrate OS to SSD" to put my OS drive on the new SSD. I've done this before on previous systems and it's pretty much a no brainer. 


      After the "migration" I intend to remove both the 1TB spinner OS drive and the MSATA cache drive.


      My question is how to handle the IRST software. Should I leave it alone, disable it just before the physical swap or uninstall it completely? 


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  D

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          Hello Datapod,
          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.
          In this case you will need to stop acceleration and then click on reset to available, after that you can start the migration, you don’t need to uninstall the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology software.
          Please bear in mind that cache is used to accelerate mechanical hard drives and not SSDs.
          Best wishes,