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    Intel Edison Board to Board bluetooth connection joystick with arduino code


      Hi, I am trying to make an intel edison RC car, where the motor is powered by the intel edison board, and a joystick remote that is on another intel edison board, but i cannot seem to establish a bluetooth connection board to board, the best i got to so far was able to send strings by following the tutorial on this site:

      Edison to Edison Bluetooth | Musings from Stephanie


      But i cant seem to make it work with the joystick, it looks something like this:



      Is there anyway i can do it with arduino coding instead? as it is easier to control the motor with arduino. Long story short, i have a joystick connected to a intel edison board that im trying to send bluetooth signals of the joystick controls over to another intel edison board that is connected to a motor that controls a rc car. And i want to be able to establish a bluetooth connection where i can use the joystick to control the RC car.


      PS. Both intel edison is connected to the arduino breakout board which looks like this