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    New Intel RST drivers v9.5.6.1001 available


      At Station-Drivers there are new Intel AHCI and RAID drivers v9.5.6.1001 available. They are dated 12/30/2009 and belong to the new Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology. You can get the new RST Console and driver pack here: http://www.station-drivers.com/page/intel%20raid.htm

      Currently only the 64bit driver version is available.

      The new RST Console and driver v9.5.6.1001 does support all Intel ICH7-10 and 5-series Southbridges running in AHCI and RAID Mode.

      I installed the new 64bit driver v9.5.6.1001 onto my Intel ICH10R system running 2x160GB Postville SSD's as RAID0. My first impression is very good.


      It would be interseting to know, if these drivers do support the Trim command.




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