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    ASUS IMPACT VIII & Intel 750 1.2 Tb Drive Not Detected


      I'm using the U.2 connector on the Maximus Impact to connect a 750 1.2 Tb SSDPE2MW012T4R5


      ASUS Device report indicates that they support SSD DC 750 Series-400GB.  I was trying to consolidate all my storage into one device.


      When the machine opens bios the drive is not recognized.  When I boot to win10, it finds the driver that I downloaded from intel but says it's not compatible with my hardware.


      This is my last stab before having to return this beautiful drive.


      Can this be made to work?  Am I missing something?  why would this board support the 400GB but not the 1.2Tb?


      Any insights would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


      Some Additional Info:  CMS is enabled and primary boot option is set to UEFI only.