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    sample code hello & PWM


      Hi Sir:

      we had build the D2000 rev2 board .use the ISSM sample code.


      1. for the hellow_world how could i see the message ?

      2. for the PWM we had build sample code but can't update target ROM... (show error)

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          Hi tabchiou,


          There is actually an inbuilt serial terminal in the Intel System Studio 2016 for Microcontroller. It has a getting_started.htm guide in the docs folder under your install directory which normally will be C:\IntelSWTools\ISSM_2016.0.027\docs.


          In that particular document there is a section explaining how you can get the serial output on terminal.

          Thanks !



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            Hi tabchiou,


            Regarding your second question, that is a known issue take a look into this site. The use of PWM0 multiplexes the JTAG pins that prevent flashing the board. I suggest you to try the recovery method mentioned in the previous link. Let us know if the recovery helps.