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    problem w 945GM expess driver (ialmrnt5 fails)

      Hello, I have an IBM x60s with intel 945GM chipset. I's been working perfectly

      but all of a suden  a blue screen appeared with the message saying ialmrnt5 ceased to work.

      I rapidly looked up on the Internet and saw that it's rather a know problem. and I had to reinstall the driver

      Mine was I downloaded a new version I did not work either. The computer won't come up at all,

      blue screen appears saying it's ialmrnt5 problemn or else igxprd32 problem...

      What can I do? It is there a solution, a driver that works?


      Thank you

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          I think is a problem of intel im looking in many sites and many people have the same problem with motherboards intel I have D865GSA and I have this problem I had the last controller and i dont have solution I ´m trying to contact to the people of intel because i dont find a solution.