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    Intel contacting NUC 6i3/5 users


      I have recently bought a NUC6i5SYH and had it running for just four days.  OK so far.  I'm running WIndow 10 with the following hardware: Corsair ValueSelect RAM (2x4Gb) and  a Samsung SSD650 EVO M.2 (256Gb).  I have an HD monitr (Dell) and two hubs running three printers, a Samsung 1Tb portable drive and a 3Tb Samsung backUp drive. I have the usual keyboard (wired) and mouse (Logitech wireless). Oh, I also connect my HTC One phone.


      I have updaqted the BIOS to version 39.


      As I say, it is all OK at present but early days.  Like many others I am concerned to read about the issues that seem to be arising with these units.  I read that Intel are investigating and will roll out fixes as they are developed.  I guess if that means new BIOS releases we are expected to check for those and install ourselves.  But what if there is a need for hardware replacement/amendment?  I cannot see that Intel have a product registration scheme and so how will they contact users (and in particular the mainstream users who don't log onto community support sites)?


      I like the NUC and in particular its size and low power consumption but it's a sad state of affairs when each day I am almost waiting for something to go wrong!  I now know why the i5 models are as dear or dearer than the i6 models...