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    All in one LCD PC



      I want to make All in One LCD PC TV - with Intel Dual core or Core2Duo Processor.I can arrange the outer LCD shell in which the parts can be fitted.

      What form factor motherboard is suitable to fit in LCD ?

      What about the CPU cooling ? Can we use the FAN which comes with the CPU ?

      Any advice will be greatful.



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          "What form factor motherboard is suitable to fit in LCD ?" well what size is the LCD???? surely you would wnat teh smallest possible size motherboard?

          "What about the CPU cooling ? Can we use the FAN which comes with the CPU ?" I would think you will want to, mainly for the noise and possibly size depending oif you get the higher one or lower one.

          I take it that you have considered an atom like based solution cpu integrated, tehres a new one out form intel with a pssive cooling solution i believe

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            Thanks for the reply,

            I am planning to use 20" LCD monitor with Intel Dual Core or Core2Duo Processor.



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              Hello Hiten,


              Firstly, Welcome to our Group Techiepedia.


              Indeed, as my friend stated above, there are several things that we need to take into consideration.


              There are a couple of boards:
              - D945GSEJT
                Passively cooled


              - D410PT
                Passively cooled


              - D510MO
                Passively cooled


              These boards are designed to fit into a mini-ITX or microATX form-factor chassis.
              All these boards are atom-based. The D510 is a dual core cpu with integrated gfx and memory controller.


              I know there was some people who managed to design an all-in-one pc using the D945GSEJT.


              The best thing to do is to investigate on several communities for more information. Start by registering with the Embedded Community, may be someone can help you overthere.


              All the best,


              Kind Regards,
              Your Techiepedia Team


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