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    wrapper repo to make standalone edison-linux kernels easy to build


      See GitHub - esialb/edison-linux-helper: handy wrapper repo for building Edison kernels


      I've made a small wrapper repo on github with submodules for edison-linux (branch edison-3.10.98) and edison-bcm43340 that makes it quick and easy to build new edison-linux kernels without having to use Yocto.


      After cloneing the wrapper repo, a simple




      is all you need to build an edison-linux kernel with the default configuration from the edison firmware images.  You can update an Edison firmware image using


      DFU=../edison-image-latest/ sudo make install

      or copy your new kernel and modules to a running Edison using


      make collected

      cd collected/latest

      scp -r * root@

      Kernel config files are included in the wrapper repo for both the default edison firmware images as well as a more inclusive config that makes Edison a good headless server.