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    Intel AMT w/ i7 6700K?


      Hi everyone,


      Was directed here from an Intel support rep.


      We are trying to work out a new system configuration for our customers and would like to utilize the Intel AMT functionalities, specifically KVM. If I understand correctly you need to have a system that supports vPro, and the 6700K according to Ark does not have this.


      However we have been testing with a system here and we have been able to remotely log in to it with a 6700K installed. Are there certain aspects of this CPU that would allow this to work, are we just getting lucky, or are there some things that may work but other functions may be missing? The main issue we're facing so far is that it hasn't seemed to be reliable, for instance if the machine was off and unplugged for some time being able to connect and remotely power on or kvm wouldn't work. Real vnc plus would give errors trying to connect as well. Then we would take a regular 6700 CPU put it on the same board and it would some times start working again.


      Anyone who could shed some light on this? Or maybe some steps that we're missing for configuration? I've tried static IP's and DHCP.


      The guide I used to setup was from here:



      The motherboard is:



      Please let me know if you require any other info. Thanks in advance.