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    Using Serial Device on Edison Arduino breakout


      I am currently working on a project with Intel Edison Arduino Kit, and am having an issue with utilizing a serial device.

      I am creating a CO2 incubator and intend on using a solenoid valve to release CO2 into the incubator. CO2 concentration levels would be measured by a sensor connected to the Edison, and solenoid would open for controlled bursts depending on levels detected by the sensor.

      The sensor I am attempting to use was purchased from CO2meter.com, a SprintIR 0-20%. While there are guides and blogs concerning how to utilize this sensor with an Arduino Uno, there are none that address how to utilize this device on an Edison.

      I have no issues writing and sending code to the Edison in order to operate components, but I am seeking help in gathering CO2 levels from the sensor and using these to dictate operation of components.


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          Hi Labworker1,

          All the shields that have been officially tested with Edison or the Galileo Boards are indicated in the following document: http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/Galileo-Edison_ShieldTestReport_330937-002.pdf 
          Unfortunately this sensor is not one of them, I saw some examples for Arduino, but as you may know the Arduino Uno and Edison board have a different architecture and microprocessor, this makes that some libraries that works fine on the Arduino Uno do not work on the Edison. In some cases is required to build a new and custom library for the shields. This could be the problem you are using.
          Have you contacted CO2meter.com for other library? Maybe they could provide you headers for C coding or another language that may help you with this.


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            I have contacted CO2meter.com, and they referred me to several documents on their website on how to interface their sensor with Arduino Uno, but none concerning Edison boards. They also told me their expertise is with the sensor itself, not platforms like Arduino Uno or Edison.

            So, they can't really provide me with a library or even the headers to create my own. That said, my coding abilities are not developed at this point, and creating a library on my own would be quite difficult. At this point I may just purchase a Arduino Uno and utilizing existing libraries and documents in order to get this project rolling.