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    Intel HD 4600 Graphics Skype video call crash


      System Setup Information:




      System Used: ASUS N551JX

      CPU SKU: i7-4720HQ

      GPU SKU: Intel HD 4600 Graphics

      Processor Line: HQ

      System BIOS Version: 207

      CMOS settings:

      Graphics Driver Version: Intel® Beta Graphics Driver for Windows* 7/8.1/10 [15.40]

      Version: Beta (Latest) (stable has same issue)

      GOP/VBIOS Version:

      Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

      OS Version: v1511 build 10586.164


      Occurs on non-Intel GPUs?:



      Steps to Reproduce:


      1. Skype video call anyone using skype latest version 7.22(or any).

      2. Move window around after video call connected (minimise / fullscreen) or just wait until there is a lot of movement in video it crashes.

      3. Graphics driver freezes repeatedly("Display driver stopped responding and has recovered")

      4. Graphics driver crashes after many freezes (skype has has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware)

      5. Skype video is goes blank and loading sign appears in place of video.



      Expected Results: Skype should not crash when in a video call.




      Actual Results: Skype crashes display driver and video call goes blank




      Additional Information: VLC player also crashes the graphics driver when playing a video, putting to sleep and waking up from sleep.