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    AC-7265 showing wrong version after upgrade on Lenovo T450s (Win10)



      Intel AC-7265 - Showing wrong driver version after upgrading with ProSet software version 18.4 - I had 18.32 version before, after the upgrade it won't show latest version. I read some suggestion on this forum and un-installed the driver also by selecting to delete driver files until this option is no longer available. It showed after reboot I have 17.15 version I think. I ran the upgrade again with 18.4 software, now shows 17.16 (2015-02-23). I tried upgrade again, says most current version is already there. Contacted Lenovo, they tried their software version 18.4 package, which I tried before I tried from the Intel site, no difference. They are suggesting to run recovery disk to re-image the laptop. I would prefer not do that. Any help from this form be appreciated. Thanks