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    NUC5CPYH will not boot - No POST, no light


      NUC5CPYH will not boot anymore with no display to HDMI or VGA.  Was working fine for a couple of weeks. I went away for 2 weeks, now it won't boot anymore.  There is no light on the power button when powered up.  I can see a green light on the side of the NUC but not on the power button.  I hear the fan starting up for 10 secs then it stops, then a high pitched sound for 3-4 secs (though very low in volume when held close to the ear) then it appears the NUC restarts cause the fan starts up again.  This cycle repeats twice with nothing onscreen to my TV via HDMI or VGA then NUC completely shuts down (no green light on the side and fan stops).


      I have tested the memory on an NUC DN2820TYKH and that booted fine.


      Anything else to test before I begin RMA process or contact jet.com for replacement.  I only had this NUC NUC5CPYH for 6 weeks and working for 2-3 weeks before I left.