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    54250 Overheating, noisy


      I have been using a 54250 for over a year and for the most part all is well.  I turn it on in the morning and it shuts down at night after backup.

      Now, when I open a multi-tabbed browser, i.e. Chrome, Opera, with 4-6 tabs pointing to mainstream websites such as CNN, the operating temperature on both cores (I5-4250U, 1.3GHz, 16GB of RAM) jumps from around 100 degrees F to close to 150 degrees F.  And I can hear fan noise from 6 or 7 feet away.

      Is anyone else experiencing this and should I be concerned?  If I close the browser and open another browser with just one tab open, the temperature immediately drops back down to 100-103 degrees.

      Note that I may be one version behind with firmware.


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          Any temperature below 80°C (180°F) is perfectly fine when the NUC is under load. It is normal to hear the fan when the system is under load as well.


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            Thanks Scott.  Question:  should I set Tj Max down to 180F instead of the current setting of 212F on my Core Temp software?  The software writer says that the software displays the TjMax for the processor(s) that it is currently reading, but I don't know that I entirely trust that.

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              No, I wouldn't do that.


              First of all, you DO NOT want to do fan control based upon Tjmax; this would eliminate any benefit from Turbo. Instead, you want to use Tcontrol. The problem is that these are Mobile/Embedded processors, not Desktop, and they do not publish (via the IA32 Temperature MSR) a Tcontrol value. In analysis that we did (before I retired early last year), we determined that, for both Haswell and Broadwell processors, the most appropriate Tcontrol value to use in the NUCs was 17 (i.e. 83°C). I will presume that the Skylake processors are very close to the same. Note that Tcontrol is used with the CPU package temperature, read externally (via PECI) by the SIO, not the (internal) readings from the individual Cores within the processor.


              Secondly, while you will see some variation from one individual processor to another, the Tjmax temperature is usually very close to (if not bang on) 100°C. This means that the software is probably correctly reading the Tjmax value. Doing so is pretty simple; you just read the IA32 Temperature MSR (though, in Windows (and Linux, etc.), this requires a device driver to accomplish because the RDMSR instruction is privileged). Still, I agree that you should be skeptical of 3rd-party software. If you want to verify the Tjmax value, there are other tools from Intel that will do so...




              P.S. Just for fun, I have been working on a patch package that will allow the Intel Desktop Utilities app to be run on the NUCs. I have this working, but, before I can release it, (a) it needs more testing (and I only have WY, RY and SY units) and (b) I need to get permission from Intel (they won't want any support calls for an EOL'ed app )...

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                Since it seems like something in software is loading up your CPU, have you tried verifying that (such as with Resource Monitor) and scanning for malware using something like Malwarebytes?  If that doesn't turn up anything but you have relatively simple installation (such as just Windows and browser), maybe try other things such as un-installing the browser and downloading/installing it again.  Or if you are eligible for Windows 10 upgrade and have been considering but haven't done it, maybe give that a try.

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                  Thanks again Scott, you've obviously delved into this issue, so I'm going with the 100C/212F TjMax for my processor, "...Tjmax temperature is usually very close to (if not bang on) 100°C."   I'm probably worrying about nothing.

                  When you say Intel Desktop Utilities, are you referring to Intel Driver Update Utility?  THAT needs work.

                  I'm marking this as solved with your last reply.

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                    Hi dougho -


                    Yes, I have indeed used Malwarebytes and get a clean bill of health.  And I have uninstalled & reinstalled all browsers other than whatever MS calls IE currently, and I get the same issue.

                    With regard to the OS, I am running W10HP with all updates.  As background though, you are correct with this observation: shortly after installing the OS (Windows 7), I had excessive fan noise, and Intel tech support insisted that I reinstall the OS, which I resisted for a while since that involves many hours of re-configuring everything on the PC as well as dueling with Microsoft about my Office eligibility.  However, I did it, and the problem was immediately solved, so kudos to Intel.

                    Thanks for your thoughts.

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                      No, Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU) was an application that was provided with Intel's various Desktop Board products. It supported the display of board and system information, the monitoring (and display) of the various temperature, voltage and fan speed sensors found in the system and the generation of alerts when sensor readings go out of range. The patch package I am developing gets around differences in the NUC product architecture and makes it possible for IDU to run. For the most part, this is just updates to allow the handling of the newer generations of processors used in the NUCs...



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                        P.S. Yes, Intel Drive Update utility has a *lot* of issues - and doesn't handle all necessary drivers anyway...

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                          Hi all,

                          CharlieATL I am glad that your issue was resolved, Thanks Scott and Dougho for the information provide.