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    getent missing in Yocto Linux Image?


      As I was testing out some bash scripts on the Intel Edison, I noticed that the standard GNU getent command is missing.  This is usually presumed to exist by a lot of shell scripts I've encountered, and is generally a part of the base OS install for most popular Linux distros.  This tool is usually part of the standard install of glibc binary utilities, such as glibc-common (RHEL), or libc-bin (Debian/Ubuntu) packages, but I notice that a similar package appears to be missing from any opkg repos (both the standard "iotkit", as well as including @AlexT_Intel 's opkg repos here).

      It does appear that the libc6 package includes libnss, and base-files includes /etc/nsswitch.conf which getent depends on for listing users, groups etc...  and google turns up at least one yocto / poky repo that mentions it., as well as another mention of an embedded opkg-based distro: software installation - getent missing in Ångström Linux - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

      Has anyone had any luck compiling, packaging, or otherwise putting getent onto the Intel Edison's Yocto image?  Also any resources or starter guide for getting the buildroot environment setup & packaging instructions would be great!