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    Intel 750 SSD not detected


      Hello I recently built a new system with the following specs:


      Mother Board: Asus x99-deluxe

      CPU: Intel I7-5930k

      GPU: Nvidia Titan X

      RAM: G.Skill 16gb DDR4 TridentZ

      Hard Drive: WD Velociraptor (Main drive for booting)

      SSD: Intel 750 400gb (secondary for storage)


      When I first turned on the computer the only drive that was detected in the bios was the SSD and not the Hard drive. I turned off the computer took out the SSD, made sure the Hard drive was properly connected and turned my PC back on. Now the Hard drive was detected, and I proceeded to install Windows 8 and I then upgraded to windows 10. I then reconnected the SSD. Once I had Windows 10 I downloaded drivers for my hardware. The problem is that my SSD is not appearing in the bios. The only time it was in the bios was when there was no operating system installed. I also can't access it to store information. Although it is showing up in my device manager.


      I downloaded the following driver:

      Download Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for NVMe Drivers


      After I installed it and restarted my PC I still can't access it.