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    How to require my own app.js file in XDK


      Hey guys,


      Do you know how to add my own app.js file into main.js. so that i can invoke some function from app.js to main.js

      Just like a include file in C. We have a app.h and app.c ,then we can include"app.h" in main.c. so that we can invoke the function in main.c


      I followed an instruction and find out there is a error while compile it.


      in app.js

      var app= function()


           //do something here


      module.exports = app;


      in main.js

      var app= require('app.js')

      function loop()


           //do something here.


      There is a error says cannot find out the module of app.js.

      I was wondering whether i need to modify something in package.json?