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    Beep Code (3 Times) at the DH67CF




      I've got a problem with my intel mainboard DH67CF (together with an intel i5-3470t). As some boards of this type, mine gives me also 3 beeps during POST.

      I've already checked most options with the RAM:


      - changed the RAM several times,

      - tried two different types of memory ( both new and tested in a running system, Kingston KVR13N9S8K2/8 1333MHZ 2x4GB with 1.5V and Corsair CMX CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 1333MHZ 2x4 GB with 1.65V),

      - used both memory slots (both together, just slot 1 and then slot 2)  

      - set the jumper on the three possible positions

      - disconnected hdd and gpu

      - disconnected the cmos-battery after the testings I mentioned before

      - then tested the Kingston memory again in all positions without hdd and gpu


      Nothing solved my problem with the three beeps.


      So far I couldn't get into the BIOS to update it, as somebody said, that for the 3rd generation of intel-processors an update is needed.


      Have I forgotten or missed something, or did I just buy a defective board? I bought it as a used one, but it was said to be like new (just used as a service part)...


      I would be really glad to get some help!

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          Typically, three beeps is an indication of an error initializing memory. If you do not have a graphics card installed, you must have a monitor connected to one of the ports on the board. If you have one connected, it is initializing (i.e. are you seeing POST codes being displayed on the screen)? If so, what codes are you seeing?


          I noticed that the Kingston memory comes in standard and low-profile DIMMs. Low-profile DIMMs are NOT supported by any of Intel's Desktop Boards (the odd low-profile DIMM will work but most don't). Also, with respect to the Corsair memory, understand that all DDR3 memory is required to operate at 1.5V at the default (1333Mhz) configuration. It is ok for them to ask for a higher voltage to run their XMP configurations, but not at the default. I looked at the datasheet for this memory. It says that it runs at 1.5V at 1333MHz, not the 1.65V that you stated -- but (confusing to me), it also says that this is the XMP configuration, not the default configuration???


          Are you saying that this is a new build; that you've never updated the BIOS yet you are attempting to use a 3rd generation processor? If the BIOS in place on the board is old enough that it only supports 2nd generation processors, you will need to upgrade the BIOS with a 2nd generation processor installed before you will ever be able to use a 3rd generation processor...




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            Hello Scott,


            thanks for the quick response. Due to your information I started another research, perhaps you can help me with some further questions.


            I found that link at the intel homepage, it is a compatibility list for RAM modules:





            If I am using one of these RAM modules I could solve the beep code issue?! At the moment I am focusing on the Samsung, cause I could’t find any Kingston RAM with 4 GB:



            Yesterday I tried to find out which Kingston RAM could be accepted too and I found this link:



            Could it be that they recommend the low profile RAM as successor of the RAM they mentioned at the intel list?

            As this RAM didn’t work with my mainboard like you suspected, it is better to invest in the Samsung RAM, isn’t it?


            The other issue is that it is a new build and I think nobody did an update of the BIOS before, so as you said I have to do it. Therefore I need to buy a Sandy-Bridge CPU first?!

            (This explains why I didn’t get any POST information at the connected display; just the input cursor „_“ appeared)

            Would it be OK to buy a G530? I think it is a 2nd generation CPU and it is on the compatibility list from intel and not to forget it is cheap…

            …then I should be able to do the update together with the Samsung RAM, should I?


            Best regards,



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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi scarot,
              Please send me the AA# of your board; I would confirm if the current processor is capable to work with the board and which the current BIOS version is.
              Mike C

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                Yes, do provide this information. Seeing the blank screen with the "_" in the corner is one of the symptoms of the graphics card incompatibility issue, not the memory incompatibility issue...


                Insofar as memory compatibility is concerned, the important thing is to get memory that (a) operates at 1.5V at the native 1333MHz, (b) is not low profile and (c) is organized x8.

                If you have memory that doesn't result in the three beeps, try upgrading the BIOS. Remember to follow the guidance on BIOS Update order (see here: Updating the BIOS to Support 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors). If you do not have a working display, wait 15 minutes before powering the system back off in order to give the update ample time to complete...


                Hope this helps,


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                  Hey Scott, Hi Mike,


                  the AA number of my board is




                  Do you really think it is the GPU? I'm not sure if I really tried to boot without the GPU and the monitor connected, but I think that I deinstalled the GPU once and had the monitor connected and got the beep code together with the blank screen, too?!

                  I bought the KFA² Geforce750Ti which is equivalent to the one from Galaxy. It would be really bad to have also an incompatible GPU. In this case I am forced to change the board then, cause it makes no sense to spare this part of my build (Intel i5-3470T with the DH67CF, 2x4GB RAM, the 750Ti from KFA² and a simple HDD, powered by a hd plex). I wanted to use this PC as a steam machine for casual gaming, therefore the GPU is essential.

                  How likely is the point, that the GPU is incompatible? Do you have any further information if my graphics card will function with the board?


                  Thanks a lot,



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                    If you get the beep code, you can ignore any other symptoms. That is, seeing the blank screen with the "_" in the corner means nothing if the three-beep code is also being heard. If you see this display and there is no beep code output, however, it is an indication of the graphics compatibility issue.


                    Regarding the compatibility issue, there are two categories, (1) graphics cards whose Video BIOS (Option ROM) does not meet the requirements of the board's BIOS and (2) boards that do not meet the graphics card's hardware requirements (i.e. require PCIe 3.0 support when board only offers PCIe 2.0 support). If your issue falls into the second category, there is not getting around it. If your board falls into the first case (which most do), however, it can be overcome. First of all, some (then) work fine if the BIOS is configured to enable UEFI. The inconvenience of this is that, if you already had Windows installed, you will need to do so again. If this doesn't work, in many cases, the BIOS can continue and boot to Windows. Once Windows is running, the OpROM doesn't matter and the Windows driver fo the card will make it work fine. The inconvenience is that, if you need to get into BIOS Setup to change the configuration or to do a BIOS update (other than via the Windows Express BIOS Update (EBU) method), you can only do so by removing the video card from the chassis and using on-board graphics.


                    Let's talk about the compatibility issue in a completely different way. The reason why the issue is occurring is because the 6 Series boards are 5 years and 4 hardware generations out of date and their hardware and BIOS do not meet the technology demands of today's graphics cards. Upgrading to a 7 Series board will get you better performance (with your 3rd generation Core processor) and improved compatibility. In addition, 7 Series boards may offer more compatibility with the DIMMs you purchased. If you just purchased this 6 Series board and thus have the opportunity to exchange it for a 7 Series board, it might be worth it...



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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Hi scarot,
                      I believe Scott Pearson provided you an excellent summary of old board limitations with the latest games and technology in the market.
                      I just want to include, the 6gen boards were introduced with the 2nd generation Core™ processors then, Intel created a BIOS update so 3rd gen processors will be compatible with the boards. However, depending of the date of production some motherboards were not able to recognize 3rd gen processors even with a BIOS update. I reviewed the requirements of DH67CF motherboards with 3rd gen processors and we need at least the version G10215-207.
                      Mike C

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                        Despite the fact that these are no good news for my build with the DH67CF I thank both of you, for supporting me.


                        I hope I will then find a board that is supporting both, CPU and RAM, cause the Samsung or the Kingston RAM that seems to be compatible with the intel board is as expensive as another mainboard. Not to mention a new CPU...


                        Thanks again and kind regards,



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                          You should, in theory, be able to use this same RAM and CPU in any 7 Series board (Intel or otherwise)...

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                            Yes, your right. I am going to check the specifications of the boards that come into question first before I am going to buy one.

                            Anyway one is not prepared for surprises, cause originally I wanted a board for my i5-750 (LGA1156) and got instead the the board mentioned above which is as we know LGA 1155. It was an ebay auction and therefore I couldn't return it and due to the fact that it took some time till I found out which board I really bought. The DH67CF was namely just packaged in the DH57JG cardboard box without manual...

                            ...in future I am a bit more careful!

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                              Intel Corporation
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                              Hi scarot,
                              Thank you for your honesty.
                              Mike C