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    BOXNUC6I5SYH Slow boot



      I have a BOXNUC6I5SYH Skylake NUC.  I’ve been through all the problems with this thing including the USB 3 & memory debacles and finally it seems to be working.  My only remaining problem is with my Samsung 950 Pro 512 Gig m2 drive. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate X64 and the boot time is atrocious.  I know the NUC itself is slow to get to the Windows is Starting screen and I can live with that but after it gets to the ‘Windows is Starting’ screen it takes approximately 30 seconds to get to where you see the flying logo and another 30 seconds after that to boot fully into Windows.  Once I get there the SSD works as expected.  I tried a regular SSD and it booted fine and I know the 950 Pro boots quickly because I had it in another machine where it booted almost immediately. I’m using the legacy boot and I have the Samsung driver slipstreamed into my USB boot image.  Will the UEFI boot option make it any quicker? Considering all the problems I’ve conquered with this unit I know this is small potatoes but the extra time at boot is maddening.  Anybody have any ideas


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          Of course ;-)  As 1st set in BIOS "Fast boot" = ON. Then in Windows set Computer/Propertirs/Advanced System Settings/Advanced/Start-up and Recovery/Settings and uncheck both checkboxes. And the last thing - set SAMSUNG Magician properly, see screenshots from my post: 100% working NUC 6i3SYH - all BIOS settings screenshots + info   and enable RAPID mode if isn't yet . But highest affect on system boot process has BIOS setting Fast boot = ON   +  disabling waiting seconds in Windows

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            I have to say, I’m using W7U (SP1) at a Samsung 850 M.2 WITHOUT fast boot and installed as legacy (MBR) and it boots really fast (also with Intel RAID instead of Samsung Magician 4.4)… so I have no idea what's going wrong at the installation of culthuu


            EDIT culthuu

            I don't know how (with which tool / way) you ss the Samsung driver (and which one), but I wouldn't trust that they are really installed/exist...

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              I tried all the suggested changes except for Rapid mode which the 950 Pro doesn't support.  No change whatsoever.  I will add again that I have tried a regular SSD in Legacy mode and it booted quickly and with no problem so this is either some conflict in the NUC booting process or a problem with the 950 Pro.  I have used the 950 Pro in another computer and it worked fine.

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                Which UEFI (BIOS) version do you use? The latest 0039?

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                  I'm using 039.

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                    Did you port your hard drive over using some HDD copy software of did you do a fresh install on the m2 drive?

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                      Same problem very slow boot after 039 bios update.

                      Same NUC6I5SYH with 16GB Kingston RAM and Samsung 850 EVO 500GB (SATA).

                      The boot process was slow before update to 039 but after update is very slow !

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                        Intel Corporation
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                        Hi all,

                        Culthuu, Please check the following, it could help you.

                        -Please try setting the BIOS defaults, get in the BIOS and pres F9 to Load Defaults, then pres F10 to Save and Exit.

                        In case you want to change Legacy to UEFI, keep in mind that any modification on that you will have to reinstall the Operating System; remember for installing Windows® 7 in your 6 Generation NUC you will have to use the Intel® USB 3.0 Creator Utility.

                        Before you install windows enable the UEFI and Legacy options in the BIOS, after you plug the USB and press the power button keep typing F10 and choose the UEFI - USB boot loader option.

                        Please bear in mind that the Samsung 950 Pro is not compatible with RAID configuration.

                        Here you can download the Intel® USB 3.0 Creator Utility.


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                          I've installed Windows 7 X64 a couple of times and Windows 10 X64 once.  Windows 10 was just as slow.  The circling dots moved real slowly.  I'm installing fresh each time.  I just installed a regular SATA m.2 drive and it booted fine although it was much slower in general use then the Samsung 950 Pro.  I will repeat that the 950 Pro booted super fast in my X99 gaming system.  I actually purchased it for that usage.  So it has to be some problem between the 950 Pro and the NUC.  I think I'm just going to buy a Samsung 850 m.2 and hope it boots in a regular fashion.  I can always put the 950 Pro back in my X99 system or I have a regular Skylake computer with aa Gigabyte X170 motherboard that I'm sure it will work well with.  To be honest this NUC has proved a major disappointment and I'm kind of tired with fiddling with it.  My girlfriend thinks its cute and likes Windows 10 so I'll just install that and let her have it.

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                            Intel Corporation
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                            Hi Culthuu,

                            I checked your SSD specs and your NUC datasheet and everything seems to be fine.
                            Just to verify.
                            -Could you please provide me with the information on the white sticker of your Memory sticks?
                            -Are you using one or two RAM modules?

                            Intel® NUC Board NUC6i5SYB; Technical Product Specifications

                            This is what I found:
                            “Add-in Card Connectors The board supports M.2 2242 and 2280 (key type M) modules.
                            • Supports M.2 SSD SATA drives ― Maximum bandwidth is approximately 540 MB/s
                            • Supports M.2 SSD PCIe drives (PCIe x1, x2, and x4) ― Using PCIe x4 M.2 SSD maximum bandwidth is approximately 1600 MB/s”


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                              Intel Corporation
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                              Hello, Culthuu:

                              I was checking this thread and I would like to know if there is any update regarding the information requested previously.

                              I look forward to hearing from you.

                              Esteban C