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    MB chipset Q170. IRS It does not define the stable hdd WD2004FBYZ (6pcs 2Tb) in RAID BIOS (Ctrl+I)


      Periodically, when you turn on or reboot, not detecting hard drives in IRS Raid controller BIOS (Ctrl+I). At the same time Hard drives are defined in the MB BIOS without any problems. Hard drives six pieces WD2004FBYZ. When hard drives are determined normally, everything works fine. The power supply is changed. Sata cables changed.

      CPU I7-6700K

      Memory 64Gb

      Video HD Graphics 530

      PS 500W


      I figured why not be determined drives in the controller BIOS raid. When you turn on or reset the computer hardware Sata ports are allocated randomly, that is, the same hard drive is connected to another Sata port than to reboot. Every time a hardware port Sata is another. If you turn off and turn on the computer or doing relief and achieve initial coincidence location Sata hard drives in the ports, Raid detect all the disks and starts rebuilding data. This is clearly seen on screen in the example Raid1 hard drives. Here's an ambush.






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          Hello, Fronex:

          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.

          I would say this is related to the BIOS of your motherboard my recommendation would be to check the release notes for your board and look for a possible fix in a specific BIOS release that could be related to this (if available, update to that version and test the behavior of your system).

          As of now, the best way to go would be to contact the manufacturer of your Motherboard directly to get troubleshooting on this.

          If you require any further information or support, do not hesitate to contact us back.

          Esteban C