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    Removing RAID Array for Win7 install on older Desktop??

      Hi All,


      I have an older VAIO desktop with 4x160gb WD SATA drives in a RAID 10 array. I have read up on all the issues facing the older chipsets and Windows 7 and since I have multiple RAID configured NAS and external USB drives I don't need the RAID array on this desktop per se.


      TO avoid all the Win7/old chipsets issues I want to change this array to JBOD, then install Windows 7 and programs on one of the disks and then just use one disk for My DOcs and another for the graphics and video work so I will be just fine.


      My question is HOW do I proceed???


      What is the best way to remove the entire aray and format one/all/?? of the disks to accept Windows 7?


      Thanks for any help you can offer!