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    Intel HD 5500 screen flicker (all recent driver versions)


      Steps to Reproduce:

      Turn on PC


      Expected result:

      No flickering


      Actual result:




      Hello, I purchased a new ASUS X555LA with 5th-gen i3 with Windows 10 64-bit, and the screen flickers about once every minute on average. Like the bottom 1/4-half flickers all black or a frame or two. I didn't see it during the install of Windows 10 (the setup really, I used the Windows it came with). But after that, it happens constantly. It went away for a reboot cycle (an hour or so) with Intel 5500 driver uninstalled and Generic VGA used, but it came back. And I updated to and it seemed to help, but it does still do it.


      I did see it once in the BIOS screen, I was trying to determine if it was a driver issue or hardware. But since switching drivers seems to change its frequency, I think it's a driver issue. It has yet to happen with the pre-BIOS "ASUS" graphic screen.


      I believe I included all the information needed (Intel System Scan, DxDiag, and DispDiag outputs). If you have any ideas or procedures you want me to run, let me know!