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    Something is wrong with my CPU... or not, I'm not too sure, but is this normal?


      So I have a i5 6600 @ stock running on a Asrock H170 mobo and basically, its running at its maximum possible speed. The CPU, with intel turbo boost and SpeedStep both enabled, is constantly running at 3.75 Ghz, or higher, up to 3.9 GHz. It doesn't matter what im doing, whether it be gaming, or just using chrome, or watching a movie, or just absolutely nothing, with no programs running and just idling, the CPU does not go below 3.75 GHz. Is this normal? is this safe for the CPU of will it damage it? The temps seem fine, as the CPU operates somewhere between 19 to 27 degrees celcius.


      I have tried disabling both speedstep and intel turbo boost, and that just makes the CPU run at 3.3 GHz, and does not get any slower than that. Everything else in the CPU tab is either set to "enabled" or "auto", and i have not touched any voltage settings, or have not overclocked. (can't overclock anyway). The CPU used to go down all the way to 800 MHz, but not anymore. Any fix for this? Making me feel a bit uneasy seeing the CPU perform at 3.9 GHz even when doing nothing.