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    Intel Driver Update Utility is reporting that the graphics driver is customized


      My HP ZBook 15 G2 has a core i7-4810MQ processor, which has HD graphics 4600 and NVidia quadro k2100m. Since I've had the computer, it's had an annoying problem where the IE11 display area "disconnects" from the process. The display stops updating, even the process is still alive. I can tell it's alive because the address bar changes when I refresh the window and also because the task bar thumbnail updates, even though the display area in the window is frozen. (This can affect one or more tabs.) Occasionally it starts working again if I suspend and resume but usually I just kill off all the IE processes and reopen them. This problem has been present since I got the computer. I've been hoping that it would eventually get fixed with a graphics driver update. I've tried numerous versions of the intel graphics driver, both from the intel website and the hp website. So far, nothing has worked. I recently updated the driver update utility and it's saying that it can't update the graphics driver because it's "customized".

      This is new with the latest release. Before, it did not say this. I think it's related to the driver update utility, but I suppose it could be because of the driver. Not sure how to tell. I noticed there are more recent driver versions on the intel website. I'd like to try them, but not sure if the above message only prevents me from updating using the driver update utility or if I try to install the driver directly will it blocked. HP has told me previously that I can use drivers from the intel website.

      Here is the current driver. There are two newer release versions.