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    HELP!!!! High temperature i7-4790k with GT H110i!!!


      Hi everyone!!

      I need some help here. My computer is having the temperature of 35-39C for idle. To be honest, since I am using a good water cooler, I was expecting that the temperature of my CPU to be around <25C (room temperature). When I try to change my clockspeed to 4.5GHz, the cpu starting to throttling and I am not sure what was the cause of this. It would be great if u guys could tell/suggest me the best solution for solving this thing. If u guys need more information, I would be delighted to provide but u might have to explain it in detailed because I'm just an amateur in computers


      Current Situation:


      Extra information


      Stress test using Intel ETU



      My Computer Specs

      CPU: i7-4790k

      Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII ranger

      GPU: GTX 980

      CPU cooler: GT H110i water cooling

      RAM: 16GB 1600mhz

      Power supply: Centauro XTK-CB-1000M 80plus bronze 1000w

      Case: Corsair Graphite Series 960t


      What I tried before:

      My goals:

      Ideal CPU idle temperature: <25C

      Ideal clock speed: 4.5-4.6 GHz

      Ideal stress test temperature: <75C