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    NETw5s64.sys keeps on giving me bluescreens


      My new Clevo M570TU Montevina laptop has a Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN with the latest driver running on Windows 7 x64 ( I get bluescreens several times a day. If I leave the laptop on when I go to sleep, I often will find that it has automatically restarted because of a BSoD sometime during the night. The stop error is 0x000000d1 and I believe the BSoD says DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL refering to NETw5s64.sys.


      It seems the BSoD occurs a lot when utilizing the my WLAN connection a bit more than just surfing. That is running 3-4 torrents, streaming Internet radio and surfing at the same time. I use the newest uTorrent client which again uses the latest Java RE (1.8.5 and 6u17). I am at the moment not using any anti virus software.


      In addition to the bluescreens, I often lose my WLAN connection. WLAN is however fine on my other laptops. In these cases I get the event ID 5010 referring to NETw5s64 in my in my Event Log. I resolve this issue by disabling and reenabling the WLAN card, but this is very annoying.


      I'm starting to think that the driver is faulty, WLAN on Windows 7 x64 is unstable at the moment, or that maybe my WLAN adapter is faulty.


      I ran MemTest on my laptop the whole last night without any errors. I am considering trying another torrent client.


      Anybody else having these problems? Any tips is highly appreciated as I'm getting fed up.


      Update: I've disabled 11n and power saving on the adapter, but it keeps on giving me bluescreens. A Google search shows that this is a common problem with these Intel adapters. It would really be nice if Intel would acknowledge and address these issues.

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