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    Display issues with Intel NUC6i5SYH and MST hub


      Recently got a new Intel NUC6i5SYH. For my display setup I have 2 x Dell ST2220M monitors, which have been working fine for years on 2 x DVI > DVI leads fed from an 8800GT. When I got the new NUC I also got a StarTech MiniDP MST Hub and 2 x new DP > DVI leads. When I connected everything and fired the PC up I got nothing on the displays, apart from an error (produced by the monitor itself):



      The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display.

      Please change your input timing to 1920x1080@60Hz or any other monitor listed timing as per the monitor specifications.


      I have managed to get into Windows by using 1 x HDMI > DVI cable using the HDMI out on the NUC. I have checked all the settings and all outputs should be outputting at the above settings (1920x1080@60Hz), but I still get the error message on the display still connected to the hub.


      So far I have;

      • Tested the two new leads individually on my laptop, both of which are fine
      • Tried powering the hub from a USB mains charger (designed to be powered from a PC usb output)
      • Setting monitor resolutions to 800x600
      • Pressed the small reset/calibration button on the hub - both screen flick off and on and back to how I started
      • Downloaded and installed latest display drivers from Intel
      • Checked the BIOS to make sure the port is set to output


      Just to clarify, I seem to be getting no output (not a supported output anyways) from the MST hub at all. At the moment I have one monitor connected to the hub, which is connected to the mini-DP - not working, and the second monitor connected to the HDMI out - working.


      Can anyone help shed any light on my situation?