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    the 'Iris Graphics 540' and 'HD Graphics 520' are different graphic chip sets? The 'Iris Graphics' name should not be used with the 'HD Graphic 520' name?


      I am looking for clarification on an Intel graphic chip set product name. I want to better understand which chipset is used in a particular product.


      I am new to understanding how the graphic chip names are used to classify a product and how they differentiate graphic chip products.


      When I looking at graphics hardware, I want to make sure I understand which Intel product is used in the device.


      My examples are in the form of questions:


      1. A product that specifies the 'Intel HD Graphics 520' chipset name, will not be using the 'Iris Graphics' chipset technology?


      2. A product that specifies the 'Intel Iris Graphic 540' chipset name, should be using the 'HD Graphics' chipset technology?


      3. If a product description specifies 'Intel HD Graphics 520' one should understand that this shipset is not the same as the 'Intel Iris Graphics' chipset.


      The 'Intel HD Graphic 520' is not an 'Iris Graphics' chipset?


      The 'Intel Iris Graphics 540' is not an 'Iris Pro Graphics' chipset?


      Any help clarify this would be very much appreciated.


      Thanks you so much,