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    IRST and RAIDing PCIe NVMe SSD cards


      Hi All,


      We purchased an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard and two Intel 750 PCIe NVMe 400 GB SSD cards with the intent to RAID1 the cards using IRST. We upgraded the firmware of the cards and the BIOS. However, we do not see the cards in IRST, which always says, "No disks connected to system". We can install any OS we want to the drives and they will boot. The BIOS sees the drives. But the IRST in the BIOS does not. We tried all of the HOWTOs we could find online. We found a video showing someone from ASUS appearing to do RAID0 with the same cards and an ASROCK Z170 Extreme7+, so I ordered that board to try it. However, the drives still do not show. The comments regarding that video suggest the drives in the video are connected using U.2. Other HOWTOs show people using M2 drives. Is the problem with IRST or with the board? Or is this just not possible with PCIe NVMe cards?


      Thanks for your help,