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    I210 AVB Timers


      Hello All,

      I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post my question and I would be thankful if someone can point me to the correct one if the question is not relevant.

      The question I want to ask is related to the Intel i210-AT chip which I am using for my Industrial solution. I am writing a new Linux driver for the External NIC, which has the i210 chip, for handling packets in a time critical network.

      I am using the Time SYNC (section 7.8 in the Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 Datasheet) registers i.e. SYSTIM, TRGTTIML/H0 and TRGTTIML/H1 to create timers using the method explained in " SYSTIM Synchronized Level Change Generation on SDP Pins"

      The timers created are used by the Linux drivers to synchronize the packet transmission in the SR mode (i.e. using launchTime).

      I have completed the implementation and the setup works fine if the timers are created in a non-periodic sequence. The problem arises if I try to reset the values or increment the timeout for the timers periodically where the period is lesser than the timeout values.

      I am not sure if I have presented my problem correctly here. I would be happy to share other details to clarify the implementation details.