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    Intel Galileo Gen 1 Power Led Blinking



      I am trying to power my intel galileo gen 1. I have six 1.2V 2050mAh AA bateries. I connected them serially and had 7.2V. By using LM7805 voltage regulator and I got 5V. Then I powered my board with that voltage but the power led does not stay ON, it is blinking fast. When I power it with its adapter, the led stays ON. I measured the voltage it is exactly 5.09V. What can be the problem? How can I solve it?




      (PS: I am using 7.2V because I need it to power driver shield.)

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          Hi davulist,


          I think it mught be a current problem... unfortunately I do not recall the minimum current required by Galileo Gen 1, I've always used the power supply provided with the board. I know the maximum is 3A, but I do not have at hand any information about the minimum one, but if

          a) the power LED is blinking


          b) the card works fine with the power supply that come with the board

          then the current provided by the battery pack is not enough





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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi davulist,

            As FGT pointed, you aren't providing enough current to the board. It's not recommended to power the board with batteries because of the current provided. Additionally, if you connect several batteries serially, they might discharge at different rates and that might damage the batteries or the devices they are providing power to.

            The recommended specs of the power source are 5V@3A. There isn't a minimum current value because that depends on the hardware setup. So, if you won't use a DC wall adapter, I recommend you to make sure your portable power source is able to provide up to 3A. I think that 2A will work too, but I haven't tested it. If I'm not mistaken, the LM7805 can provide up to 1A, so changing the voltage regulator could solve the issue.

            There are some threads about using batteries to power the Galileo board, I recommend you to check them. You might find them useful: