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    NUC6i5SYK reboots after shutdown from linux


      I've seen similar issues described on the Hashwell NUCs, but haven't seen any reference to this issue on skylake.


      My NUC has hyperx memory (16gb) and evo 850, 250gb drive, can get specific models if someone thinks it might be relevant.


      Overall the system seems stable, the only issue I have is that sometimes(not clear when) if I use the shut-down button on the latest mint(17.3) with

      3.19.0-32-generic kernel, instead of shutting down, the system goes into restart, this is after updating the BIOS to 39.


      Had various other power-state related issue before the BIOS update for example:

      After shut-down, the screen would be turned off, but the blue light will remain lit, had to hold the power button to completely power off the machine before turning it on again.

      The machine entered sleep DURING BIOS update,at first I didn't want to touch anything so I don't brick it, but it was just flashing yellow, finally sent it "wake on lan" signal and it finished the BIOS update.


      Wrote a script file that does uses "shutdown -h now", and the machine seems to stay off after running that. It's not critical, but it would be nice to have it work properly