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    Raid5 issue with QM77 with only the SATA#0 port




      I am testing a motherboard which implementes both the corie i7/QM77 and a RAID 5 volume with SATA 0-2-3.My OS is Win 7 emb 64bits with the last Intel Rapid Storage 14.8.

      But my RAID5 volume does not work how I am expecting.

      - When the disk connect to the SATA#0 is removed, the OS (WIN 7 emb 64bits) crash after appr. 20 secondes (blue screen).
      - When another disk SATA#2-3 is removed, the OS does not crash and the user can replace it by another disk (same capacity).

      We tested with 2 differents disk SSD 128GB (APS25A77128G-ATM) and 960GB (SDSSDXPS-960G-G25).

      I hope this behaviour can be corrected to match with my needs.

      Best and thanks for helping,