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    Interface for Intel GMA 3150 on Win8.1



      How are ya?


      I've recently upgraded to win8.1 and, although the OS installed the driver, I can't access the Graphics Settings or anything.
      In win 7 I could double-click in the Desktop and go directly to Graphic Properties (or sth like that, my system is in Spanish)...but now I can't find the way to use that interface and change anything like bright, OpenGL seetings, etc....


      Is there a way that I can install only this "app"?? I want to make some adjustments in the settings, but without the tray icon or the software, it seems pretty impossible.


      I already downloaded the Driver for win 7 - 64 bits (there's no driver or related file for this card for win8), but the installation process didn't work. I got an error mesagge every time. I even uninstalled the newest driver and tried the win7/64b version with retro-compatibility, but, again, nothing...


      Please, tell me if there's something I can do about it....



      More Info:
      I'm using a All-in-One Lenovo PC
      Windows 8.1, 64 bits
      Processor: Intel Atom D525
      Graphic Card: Intel GMA 3150