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    'Blink' Example for Microcontroller D2000 Development Platform


      Below example code will blink the onboard LED on the D2000 Development Platform.

      #include "qm_soc_regs.h"

      #include "qm_gpio.h"

      #include "qm_scss.h"



      /* LED on Intel(R) Quark(TM) Microcontroller D2000 Development Platform */

      #define LED_BIT 24



      #define DELAY 300000UL

      #define MAX_LED_BLINKS (10)



      static qm_gpio_port_config_t cfg;



      int main(void)


               uint32_t counter = 0;

               QM_PUTS("Starting: Led blink\n");



               cfg.direction = BIT(LED_BIT);

               qm_gpio_set_config(QM_GPIO_0, &cfg);



                while (counter < MAX_LED_BLINKS) {

                       qm_gpio_set_pin(QM_GPIO_0, LED_BIT);


                       qm_gpio_clear_pin(QM_GPIO_0, LED_BIT);




               QM_PUTS("Finished: Led blink\n");

               return 0;



      If using ISSM create a project using a template (e.g. hello_word) using the  'Create New QMSI/BSP Project'. Then just paste the above into the main.c .