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    Intel i5-4570T Graphics crashing on 32bit Win7


      We have 26,000 Mini computers (Lenovo) that have CPUs that are Intel i5-4570T 2.9Ghz and these CPU's have the onboard GPU of Intel HD Graphics (Hazwell) 4600.


      Of these 26,000 we have about 20 that have their display driver crashing from the factory with out of the box (but fully patched) Windows 7 Enterprise 32BIT edition from Microsoft Select License. We don't have any reported issues with 64bit. "Intel display driver has crashed and has recovered" and it happens every 15 min to every hour and anytime there is any video load. Multiple montiors, multiple ports (vga, etc).


      We have tried every version of Intel and Lenovo version of Intel Display driver including the most recent Intel DriverVer=08/04/2015,, every bios update, every other driver in the machine, no software except base windows etc.


      In 50% of the cases a CPU replacement of the Intel one above resolves the issue. However, we have cases where they have tried 4 CPU's (from Malaysia, Vietnam and Costa Rica and 1 motherboard and it is still crashing. We have photos of the CPU and it clearly says  Intel i5-4570T SR1CA 2.90Ghz and a number like X525B196 and the GPU is built into the CPU.


      These machines are Mini in that they don't have Powersupplies in them (they have external power supplies like laptops) and we have swapped harddrives and memory and every component inside them.


      It is looking like we in Canada are getting an entire slew of bad CPU's with faulty GPU's or ???


      I am wondering if anyone else has seen this issue with 32bit with this CPU? It has been 6 months we have been trying to figure out the cause.


      I was hoping that a driver would fix it as it seems like the 64bit driver handles whatever glich these CPU/GPU's have but the 32bit one is required for the specialized custom health software we have to run.


      Any ideas? I have exhausted Google and ever other avenue. 20 out of 26,000 doesn't seem like a lot but we are getting new ones with the same issue so I am worried it is growing.