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    I want to wake up Intel stck1a32wfc with a scheduled task, is it possible




      please don´t ask why I have the following aim ;-)


      I have several Large Format Displays (Samsung) each of them should play PPTX files with a compute stick.

      This works fine with some scheduled Tasks.

      Unfortunately my Company works 24/6 not 24/7 so the proprietor decided to save energy and I have to power off or suspend this sticks on sunday.

      Because WOL does not work and the sticks are out of reach (for my hands) I would like to use one task to suspend and another for a wake up.

      I enabled "hybernate", made one task with "shutdown -h" (or "/hybrid", for testing purpose) and a second which should "restart" the stick.

      The second Task is a simple batch (ping to the network) and  the scheduled task have the right to reactivate the suspended PC.


      Unfortunately the reactivation does not work.


      Am I wrong or is this goal unreachable.


      Thank you