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    Dedicated video ram (Intel HD graphics)


           I am a gamer on my dell inspirion 3647. I have upgraded to 8gb of ram on the CPU, however my video card only has 112.5mb of dedicated video ram(as shown below). Much to small for the best of today's games to run on and after reading up on many ways to increase the dedicated video ram, I learned that that you can increase it by sharing some of the CPU ram with it through a setting in the the BIOS. I have searched my PC's BIOS on windows 8 (when I previously tried and failed) and on windows 10 when I upgraded but found no setting with the proper name or related function. My specs are as follows: (Copy and pasted from "systemrequirementslab.com")


      ProcessorIntel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3220 @ 3.00GHz
      Speed3.0 GHz
      Number of Cores2
      CPU IDBFEBFBFF000306C3
      Video CardIntel(R) HD Graphics
      ChipsetIntel(R) HD Graphics
      Dedicated Memory112.5 MB
      Total Memory4.0 GB
      Pixel Shader Version5.0
      Vertex Shader Version5.0
      Hardware T & LYes
      Vendor ID8086
      Device ID0402
      Plug and Play IDVEN_8086&DEV_0402&SUBSYS_06111028&REV_06
      Driver Version20.19.15.4331
      Memory8.0 GB
      Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit
      Service Pack0
      Size64 Bit
      VersionDell Inc. A07
      Display Maximum Resolution1280 x 1024
      Sound DeviceRealtek High Definition Audio
      Driver Version6.0.1.7544

      My Windows 10 BIOS has no option to share RAM or anything related to it. If anyone can help me increase my dedicated video ram, I would be very glad as I really want to play the 3 games I spent $60 each on.