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    Installing a New SSD Drive in a NUC5PGYH Mini computer


      OK, I am not real good at this stuff and thought it would be easy, Bought NEW SSD DRIVE and Installed in INTEL NUC5PGYH Mini Computer, Used the Acronis Downloaded Software to MIGRATE the NEW DRIVE. Did NOT WORK, Did not Recognize the Drive But was there to select as the TARGET DRIVE. Now what Do I do. If the software they send with the NEW DRIVE does not work.


      Also There are no WINDOWS 10 OPERATING DISK's came with the Little Cube Unit. It was already loaded on a 3Gb eSSD drive in the unit. How do you get a Start up or Recovery disk in case something goes bad. How do you RESTORE the Unit to Factory if the Drive is messed up or corrupted.


      Need a lot of help, being 66 and all this stuff is Supposed to be PLUG AND PLAY and it is all PLUG and DELAY in my book.


      Thanks for any help.

      Dave Huellewig